The Lady Bug
Monday, January 10, 2011
Hi! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend! Today Roman and I went "adventuring" to go take some photos. I think one of my favorite parts of blogging (other then all the wonderful readers) is finding new places to take photos. Roman enjoys it too. He packs a little backpack full of cars and crayons and asks me if it's time to go adventuring. Where we went today he found a little ladybug and was pretty pumped...Until it flew away.

Outfit Details
Shirt - F21
Skirt - Estate sale
Necklace - was my grandmas!
Shoes - Thrifted

Oh! And I'm so honored! I've been featured over at Justice Pirate , and I was awarded a versatile blogger award from Elenor of Missing-Lovebirds. Thanks ladies <33

In the record player: Mick Jagger - Just Another Night



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