A Day at the Track
Monday, April 18, 2011

Last weekend was the first auto races of the season at the Orange Show Speedway! My family has always attended these races in the past, Roman and my dad always got real into them haha. This race season, my dad joined on the team of Eric Spring (who is Kiersten's uncle!) along with Kiersten's dad! It was a full on family affair as we all sat together cheering on Eric! He placed in 3rd!

There was an autograph session and boy did I jump on the chance to take some outfit photos on the track! It did come at a price..I got teased by some of the drivers and only took one!

Outfit Details
Cardigan + Flannel - Thrifted
Pants -F21
Boots - Thrifted (oh gosh, do I love them!)
Cast - Only has 10 more days to occupy my arm. hahaha

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