Vegas - Celebration
Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let me tell you something...You can never truly understand how incredibly radical your family is until you go to Vegas and get drunk together! haha. This is something my family has never done, and it was such a blast to see everyone let loose! We ended up celebrating Kiersten's & Anythony's marriage down on Fremont Street (my personal favorite night spot in Vegas!) Bands were playing, people were dancing, people were dressed up as celebrity impersonators, and every hour a huuuuuuge light show and music is played on the ceiling on the whole block. I made sure my whole family was down there by 8 p.m. because they played Miss American Pie! (Mine and Kiersten's song). Best believe we all got down, haha!

Oh man, so many good memories!

xoxo, Mama Wolf

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